Monday, 30 May 2011

This weeks makes

Seeing as my orders never arrived before the long weekend, I made a few cards while I was waiting!
These were actually made on wednesday night for a colleague.

 The birthday card is for my niece to go with the one I made for her last weekend.
 This is for my hubby, he has seen it but commented how nice it was so it'll do!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Weekend from hell!

I've spent all afternoon making 2 cards, one is for my niece who is 7 on 2nd June and the other is a tunnel book, which I have never made before but am rather pleased with the results!

My children have been like the devil possessed. After the 100 mile round trip for the half hour swimming lesson, we then went to the supermarket where they both disappeared from us and managed to knock over a shelf of wine....................both me and DH hoped the ground would swallow us up there any then.  Today they have been equally as bad, although we went to the national film museum and bradford today but since we got back they have been equally as bad, my DS at every opportunity had been touching the oven door and when I shouted at home to stop it he said 'well stop shouting at me then'.  I'm not violent and would never raise a hand to my kids but OMG!

Anyway, on to the pictures!

 My niece's card has been designed to be within the challenge.

I would like to enter this in to that challenge

On to my tunnel book - I have never made anything like this and it took me nearly 3 hours to make - which conincedently was the length of time it took tea to cook, I wouldn't dish up until I had finished at least the inside, the image on the front was added after I had eaten and looked at it again!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Tilda Sunday

It's been a grim day today in 'sunny' Yorkshire!  It's just about light now and its nearly 4pm!

I've finally gotten the Tilda bug and my hubby 'acquired' me some tilda images off the old interweb so here goes

 This is part of the paddington bear kit that I got from create and craft.  I've finally made one of the extra makes from the kit, although i'm not very happy about the fastening on the 'suitcase' as it keeps unsticking.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bearing in mind I got my martha stewart punches for mothers day, it's taken me a month to work out how to use them properly! Thank you to Toni over on MSE who sent me the instructions a while ago as mine were missing out of the pack, it still didn't allow for lack of common sense and it's taken a month to work out that the corner punch has wings in order to line it up!

Anyhows, here are my creations today, it's made use of the nice new flowers i've bought, my aqua markers, and the punches.

This is using the new Tulip range from Do Crafts - which you all know by now I am an avid fan.  It's using one of their card packs that has everything in so nice and easy!
 This is also using a Tulip image, but I have used the MS punch and flowers to decorate.  I stuggled to attach the flowers, I ended up using their wires and sellotape to fasten them to the back of the backing paper.
 This is my watercolouring skill with Aqua Markers!
 This is using a forever friends celebration kit.  My colleague has got engaged, although it's not official until she receives her ring as she's ordered it, but i've told her that as she's told me she's getting a card! I've added T+L to the tag to make it more personalised.

Monday, 2 May 2011

4 days off work.....and only 3 cards made!

I went to our local Range on Saturday to see if I could pick up the new Do crafts mag, but was told that it wasn't out until the Sunday, came home and ordered it online instead!   They are very simple and easy cards, but at least I made something!

Here are my makes, i've only done them today.  Was gardening Saturday afternoon and went to the Childrens Festival at Harewood House in Sunday so busy for me.  Did watch some of the wedding on Friday but I'm not good with weddings at the best of time, find them very boring!